Emergency Dentist and Your Dental Care

Emergency comes without a warning even if it is a dental one. Unfortunately, emergencies are what they are and they occur every once in a while. As expected, a dental emergency requires the attention of an emergency dentist. The dentist in this situation is not just any dentist, but a reliable and generous one.

In a dental emergency situation, the patient needs the attention of a reliable and competent dentist who is able to carefully and adequately make the provisions needed to attend to the emergency case. Some of the anticipation includes schedule flexibility to ensure that the dentist addresses the emergency properly. As an emergency, efficiency and effectiveness are needed just like in any medical emergency situation.

What can I expect from my emergency dental professional

An emergency dentist attends to a wide range of oral health issues from the relatively easy teeth extractions to more complex cases of root canals. Emergency dentists would usually work outside their normal work routine, providing prospective and existing patients with their emergency contact details and standard reception number.

Patients are required to store the numbers usually provided on the dentist’s business card on their mobile devices. This ensures that they always have the contact details, especially in cases of emergency. It is however worth noting that these phone numbers are sometimes unreachable. In such cases, it is advised that a patient call the phone number of the NHS Direct or any other such body. These bodies would usually provide you with the contact details of an emergency dentist close to you.

What is a dental emergency?

Generally, a dental emergency comprises of two specific categories. The first of such cases is a noticeably damaged tooth. This could either be a case of cracked, split and broken teeth or the gums bleeding.

The second category and probably the commonest case of dental emergency is the presence of physical pain that is unbearable. In most cases, this pain is triggered by an underlying decay. In some instances, ordinary tooth decay might not necessarily be a case of dental emergency, especially if the patient has some home remedy to provide some temporary solution.

DIY dental emergency remedies

Tooth decay can be unbearable and below are some of the home remedies to help relieve the pain.

  • Gargle baking soda
  • Apply almond or vanilla extract directly to the affected tooth or teeth as the case may be
  • Soak cotton in olive oil and apply to the affected tooth

It is worth noting that the home remedies mentioned above will only alleviate the pain to avoid a case of dental emergency. As these remedies will not necessarily stop the problem permanently, it is advised that you seek the attention of a qualified and reliable dentist.

It is also worth noting that tooth decay and other forms of pain in the mouth are indications of an underlying problem. Therefore, while home remedies might be helpful in the short term, persons suffering from the condition need to seek dental care immediately.

One phenomenon with dental world is the fear of dentists, otherwise known as dental phobia. This case however is a psychological issue where patients avoid visiting dentists and dental clinics. In such situations, these patients deny the fact that they are suffering from a dental problem until the situation becomes unbearable.

Unfortunately, dental phobia sometimes lead to bigger problems as other medical problems might set in. Therefore, it is advised that patients with symptoms of dental problems visit a dentist immediately when they feel the signs. It is also important that emergency dentists intimate their patients on the importance of proper oral and dental care. This is necessary to avoid serious medical complications that could result from tooth decay or any other dental problem.

An emergency dental kit

It is always advised that a home has an emergency kit to attend to urgent dental issues. The important contents of the kit include painkillers, mouthwash, cotton wool pads for bleeding and sugar-free gum for congesting the teeth gaps.

Having a proper dental care does not only ensure that your smile is attractive, but also makes up an important part of your daily hygiene. A regular visit to the dentist is therefore advised to ensure healthy teeth and even more importantly, avoid emergency dental cases.


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