When your teeth are in pain, it feels the world is coming to an end. This is not the best of times for many persons, and one of the solutions is to extract the affected teeth. Other situations that require teeth extractions include broken tooth or teeth as the case may be, and teeth that are ridden with cavities.

Teeth extraction and why it is important

While many people do not like the idea of extracting their teeth, this is sometimes the best or even the only option. Teeth extractions, on one hand, help to stop the pain and on the other, help to stop the situation from progressing to other parts. Regardless of your stand on the issue, once your dentist tells you that you need to extract a tooth or more, it is best to get your body and mind ready for the procedure.

It is worth noting that teeth extractions are not as painful as they sound. However, before one goes ahead with the procedure, there are some things to know. Below are some of the important points to note before performing teeth extractions.

emergency tooth extraction

5 Factors to consider before teeth extraction

  1. The first point to note before a tooth extraction is the person performing the extraction. Your choice of dentist is extremely important when thinking of teeth extractions. It is worth noting that not all dentists can carry out this procedure. It is, therefore, important to choose carefully and ensure that your dentist is one of those that can perform the surgery. The choice of the dentist can make or mar the whole procedure, so be sure to have your mouth handled by a professional.


  1. Another factor that is worth considering when thinking about teeth extractions is what happens after the procedure. Your teeth go a long way in determining how you look. It is, therefore, imperative that you consider what happens to your teeth and of course smile, after the extraction. In addition to the gap affecting your smile and may be self-esteem, it could also cause gum problem and even shifts in the remaining teeth.


  1. Dental implants are sometimes considered a better option to avoid shifts in the teeth and gum problems that might result from the extraction. The choice of implants is also dependent on the number of teeth to be extracted and their location. Factors that determine the choice of treatment include recommendations from your dentists, your appearance goals, and of course, your budget.


  1. The cost of the extraction is one factor that cannot be ignored. Emergency teeth extractions are usually under the coverage of dental insurance, ensuring that you do not spend much on the procedure. It is, however, important to check and be sure that your insurance covers extractions. For persons that do not have dental insurance, teeth extractions will definitely cost more. In such an instance, it is advised to look for a reliable and professional dentist that offers such a service within your budget. There are also dentists that offer discounts on such procedures, and this will help in reducing the total cost of the extraction.


  1. The last factor to consider when considering teeth extractions is the total downtime to be experienced after the procedure. This is even more important when you are to extract multiple teeth. In most cases, painkillers are given to help reduce the pain. However, you might also be restricted to the kind of foods you can eat for a period of time. Teeth extractions impact your life and lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to know how the procedure will affect you, as this helps you to schedule the most suitable time for the extraction.

As mentioned earlier, most people do not love the idea of extracting one or more of their teeth. In most cases, however, this is usually the only option left once the dentist recommends it. The only control you have over your teeth and the extraction are the people that will be doing the extractions, and the cost of the procedure.

In addition to the points mentioned above, dental patients are also advised to ask as many questions as possible. It is also important to be wary of dentists that do not provide clear and concise answers to your questions as this could be a warning sign to a potential threat.


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