American Dental Association (ADA) suggestions for Choosing the Right Dentist


  • It is the best choice to seek advice from family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers regarding finding the right dentist.
  • You can also ask your family doctor whom you trust or ask from any local pharmacist.
  • If you are moving then first ask your present dentist to suggest a dentist.
  • You can try to contact your state or local dental society. Local and state dental societies list can also be found on the ADA website. Its web address is You may also find information for the Local and state dental societies in the telephone directory.
  • ADA suggests that you should call or visit some dentists first and choose one among them later.

What to Consider While Choosing the Right Dentist?


The relationship between Dentists and Patients is a long term oral health care partners. So it is better if you look for one with whom you will be comfortable to build a long term relationship. To find a suitable dentist you need to ask some important questions as a starting point:


  • Ask about the office hours and see if they are convenient for your schedule?
  • Will it be easy for you to visit the dentist while returning from the office or going from home for a checkup?
  • Ask about the Dentist’s qualification, experience, and training.
  • Ask the Dentist about the precautionary measures he uses while treating the patients.
  • Ask the Dentist that how often do they attend the conferences and are they attending the education workshops or not?
  • Does the dentist have the certified anesthesia to help you relax while performing any kind of dental treatment?
  • Is the doctor available for entertaining the emergency cases outside of the office hours?
  • Are you aware with all the necessary data related to the doctor’s fee and payment or fee plans before visiting him? If you are visiting just to make a comparison with other doctor services then ask for estimates on common procedures such as full mouth X-rays, an oral exam, cleaning, and filling a cavity, etc. Of course, you will choose the one which is near and have lower prices than the other.
  • Will your chosen dentist involve in your dental health plan?
  • What is the dentist’s policy if any appointment has been missed?

If you are visiting a dentist’s office:


  • Is the office hygienic? Do all surfaces and equipment are sterilized which the doctor uses to treat the patient in the treatment room?
  • Is the dental staff friendly and well mannered and do they answer your queries?
  • Do the dentist and staff follow proper SOP like wearing masks and gloves and other protective gear during the treatment?
  • Does the clinic provide all the necessary equipment and advanced digital machinery to treat the patients?

From Where Do People With Special Needs Get Dental Care?


The ADA Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations recommend these tips to find dental care in case of special needs:


  • Dentists should know about your financial standing & special health conditions.
  • You should ask the dentist that if he/she has treated patients with similar special health conditions before.
  • You should ask the dentist if he/she is interested in treating the patients with your specific condition.
  • Find out if the dentist is interested in participating in your dental insurance program.
  • You should ask if the dental care facility is available to disabled patients.

Moreover, the council recommends that patients with special needs:


  • Should approach the dental director at your state department of public health. The ADA’s web site helps in finding this person.
  • You should try to contact the closest dental school, clinic, or hospital dental department, it is better if it is associated with a major university.
  • Call the Special Care Dentistry Association at (312) 527-6764.

Finding Low Price Dental Assistance Programs?


Dental assistance programs differ from state to state; if you need to find one for yourself then contact your “State Dental Society” they can tell you if there is any program near your area. Dental school clinics can also provide dental care at a low cost. ADA can help a lot in providing a list of dental school clinics. Dental costs in the clinics which are based in schools are kept so low that it only covers the cost for the materials and equipment. Your state dental society can let you know if there is any dental school near your area.

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