Pregnancy is generally believed to as a time when a mother strives to be especially mindful of the importance of wellbeing and what needs to be achieved to reach the best possible level of well-being for herself and her growing child. Most notably, many women may be unaware of the correlation between their oral and overall health, as well as the effect that other causes may have on a child’s development.

Despite these objectives, it is not unusual for pregnant women to ignore their dental hygiene. Despite having the challenges of pregnancy, women must also take care of their dental health.

Recent research suggests that oral bacteria and their bi-products have the capacity to cross the placenta, a special organ that enables nutrients and other essential factors to be transferred to the developing baby’s survival and development. These bacterial products can harm the fetus by triggering an inflammatory reaction in the mother, which can lead to premature delivery.

The medical profession is starting to play a part in the oral health education of pregnant women. And dental experts, including pediatric dentists, are actively involved in disseminating existing information on this topic to expectant mothers, not only to reduce the risk of preterm delivery but also to help promote the health and well-being of both mother and child.

Thus, it is important for the mothers to keep their oral health and hygiene in check especially in the period of pregnancy so that the child and mother would both be happy and healthy.

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