Do you have a sense of relaxation before your dental appointment, or are you apprehensive about going to the dentist? Can you stress over it in the days or weeks leading up to the appointment? Are you someone who is afraid of dental care and constantly thinks about it? It can be comforting to know that you are not alone, regardless of where you fall on this continuum.

Dental fear can cause depression and avoidance of dental treatment, but it can also have far-reaching effects. For others, it has a profound impact on their sense of self-worth and personality. They may see other people who don’t appear to respond to dental care the same way they do and believe something is wrong with them.

To begin with, knowing that you are not alone is comforting to many people who are afraid. It’s also crucial to remember that assistance is available. In fact, experience has proven that even people who are terrified of dental procedures can overcome their fears and learn to receive dental care in a relaxed and healthy manner.


Following things can help in overcoming dental anxiety

  • Before appointments, practice deep breathing and other calming exercises.
  • Consider scheduling a meet-and-greet with no treatment.
  • When making your appointment, tell the staff that you are worried or afraid, and speak frankly with the dentist about your worries and how they might be made better.
  • Bring a trustworthy support figure, a soothing item, and your favorite music to the appointment as distractions.
  • Arrange an enjoyable activity after the session so that your mind diverts.

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