Dental Veneers – The Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Option

What does a smile cost?

Well, ask that to a person who has lost the shine in their teeth!

Modern dentistry has made it easier for people with various dental problems to smile and that too with the shine back on their teeth. The special branch of dentistry dealing with teeth whitening, dentures, dental implant, bridge treatment etc. is known as cosmetic dentistry. Now the dental surgeons are using a variety of cosmetic surgery tools like Veneers and crowns to change the color, shape and size of tooth.

Earlier it used to be only the crowns but now the new tool known as dental veneers are being used for recreating the perfect smile. In this blog post, we are going to have a deeper look at dental veneers, their advantages, risks involved, cost and which individuals qualify for dental veneers.

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What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are the ultra-thin composite resin and porcelain shells that are put on the teeth. Since this is a simple cosmetic procedure so it doesn’t need anesthesia, which often makes it the ideal choice for cosmetic dentistry tool.  The appearance of the front tooth can be really enhanced with the help of dental veneers as they are used to brighten teeth by masking all types of discolorations.

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

There are several benefits of dental veneers and present an impressive alternative to the traditional crowns. Veneers offer a very conservative approach towards changing the appearance and color of a tooth. Veneers are an excellent choice when it comes to masking undesirable dental defects like tooth damaged because of injuries, discolored fillings and tetracycline stains. Even the people who have chipped teeth or wide gaps between the front teeth can try out veneers. Dental veneers usually have a very long life and will last for several years and if properly done, it can show impressive longevity.

What procedure is exactly used in dental veneers? 

At least three appointments are needed to complete the entire procedure of fitting dental veneers, which comprises of diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation and bonding. It’s important that the patient too plays an active role during the entire procedure. If you are interested in getting the perfect smile then you will have to put in some time and effort in planning your smile. You’ll have to educate yourself about the procedure and its limitations. You can even opt for multiple consultations till you are sure that your dentist understands your requirements.

Teeth need to be buffed lightly in order to facilitate the perfect fitting of the veneer and add certain thickness. Generally, half a millimeter of the tooth is completely removed and this needs local anesthesia. If your local dentist opts for composite resin veneers then everything could be completed in one session. Once the tooth is prepared, your dentists will be carefully bonding and sculpting the composite material to the teeth. On the other hand if ceramic veneers is chosen then a mold is used for your teeth on which the veneer is fabricated. This is a time taking procedure and can take several days. Temporary veneers are used in case your teeth needs immediate treatment but you’ll have to pay additional cost for the same.

Once the ceramic veneers come from the laboratory, your dentist shall be placing each veneer on your teeth. This is the best time to get a feel of how your teeth will look. You’ll have to carefully observe whether the color and shine suits your smile or not. Now, in case you’re not quite satisfied, your local dentist can still make changes to the shade by using a particular shade of cement. However, once the veneers are cemented, you’ll not be able to make further changes. Before using the cement, your dentist will use specific chemicals to clean your teeth so as to improve the bonding. As soon as special cement is put between the tooth and veneer, your dentist will harden the cement using a light beam.

dental veneers

What is the cost of dental veneers?

Well, the cost of treatment varies and you will have to enquire the same with your dentist’s office. Price of dental veneers also depends on the material of the veneers, so you need to explicitly ask your local dentist.

What do I need to do for maintenance?

The first one or two weeks will be a little uncomfortable as you will be getting used to the new teeth, which have a new shape and size. Your dentist is going to make the necessary changes to the teeth in order to make it comfortable. However, you will have to brush as well as floss on a regular basis and visit your dentist for follow up appointments.


What should I expect? 

Dental veneers are just a cosmetic replacement for the natural teeth but they aren’t the perfect replacements. Thus, it’s not unusual to find some variations in the veneer’s color when closely inspected. This is a common phenomenon with natural teeth as well. However, this procedure will certainly improve your smile.

Who are the best candidates for dental Veneers?

Dentists often recommend porcelain veneers to treat several types of cosmetic and structural teeth like gaps between teeth, chips, cracks, discoloration, and minor misalignment. The prerequisites of getting porcelain veneers are that the patient should have a good overall oral and periodontal health. They should also be committed to oral heal and hygiene.

How do I know that dental veneers are not the best choice for me?

Well, if you don’t have healthy gums and teeth should not opt for dental veneers. Similarly patients suffering from a variety of dental conditions like gum disease, root canal infection, tooth decay are automatically disqualified. However, if you have any such condition but still want to go for dental veneers then you must ask your local dentist to first treat these problems and then go for dental veneers.

For a successful dental veneer procedure, you need to choose the best dentist in your city so that you can avoid all sorts of future complications and get the smile you always wanted.

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