Abscess Tooth

Every time the inner walls of your mouth gets irritated or hurt, bacteria entering your mouth can lead to an infection. Often the infection is seen as a painful swelling that is filled with pus and since the pus fails to drain out, it will end up as a swelling.  Now these painful and swollen parts are known as abscesses.

abscess tooth emergency

There’s a tendency of abscesses forming a barrier around an infected area – this is how our body tries to prevent the spread of bacterial infection. Abscesses are known to form quickly and even before you realize, it would have formed around an infection within a day or two. There are primarily two different types of abscesses – gum abscess and Periapical abscess.

The gum abscesses is caused by the infection in the area between the gum and tooth, which occurs because of food getting stuck in that place. People suffering from periodontal disease, the bacteria can even penetrate the gum and bone. This is a very serious problem and you need to contact an emergency dentist without any delay.

The Periacapal abscesses usually occur inside the tooth and are usually caused by a dead nerve or a dying nerve. The abscess generally occurs at the top of the tooth’s root and even spreads to the nearby bones.

Abscesses are highly painful; hence, it is better to seek immediate medical help from an emergency dentist. If not treated at an early stage, the infection might spread to other parts of the mouth as well and the infection will not subside easily. Thus, never ignore the symptoms and pay a visit to your local dentist at the earliest.

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